Happy Holidays! / by Katie Reahl

Hello Everyone! I thought I'd just show you a quick little edit I did for the Holidays:

 This little tutorial isn't very in depth, but I just wanted to show you guys my process and introduce you to one of my favorite Youtube accounts, Phlearn. They have tons of great tutorials and they always have what I need to know. 


On Sunday Morning, I convinced my sister to take a few photos of me - after a few trials and instructing her on how to operate the camera, I got a photo that I was happy with: 

My entire idea for this photo was to mix doodling with photography. So, I planned to draw antlers, a nose, and 'Merry Christmas' in the sides. So, when taking the photo, I made sure to leave space where the drawings might be. It is pretty clear that this wasn't taken in a studio - in fact, it was taken in my dining room underneath a light that I had to squat down to avoid getting in the shot. Nevertheless, it gave me a shot I can work with. 

The first thing I did, was remove any blemishes I had and removed redness from my face. For the redness removal, I watched a Phlearn tutorial: 

Next, I cleaned up my background and turned it a nicer blue color. I did this by selecting all of my background and painting with a blue brush. Then, I turned the opacity down so that I'd still retain some of the wall's texture but keep the blue color. For information on changing background, you can watch this video:

Next, I doodled on my image to create the horns, nose, and the small note. I just did this by creating a new layer, picking my color, and drawing away. For drawing ease, I highly recommend a tablet of some kind. It doesn't need to be anything outrageous, I just use Wacom's Bamboo tablet and it works just fine. 

Next, I did general facial retouching and added some contrast to the image. The final product: