Instagramer of the Week 1 / by Katie Reahl

Here on this little blog of mine, I'll be sharing my favorite Youtube Channels, Instagram accounts, Music, Photographers, Stores, etc with you that I think are pretty fantastic. I hope it inspires you or makes your day a little bit brighter; let's get into it. 

Mirko Ivancic

This week, I'll be telling you about Mirko Ivancic - more well known as @insepsis on Instagram. As a professional photographer, Ivancic claims his passion is in "Simplicity and design". And I could not have described his photography in any other way. His images make me want to pull my boots on, zip up my coat and the sun rises and exploreuntil the moon is the only light we have. If you'd like to look at more of his photos, his website is Below, I have compiled a few of his Instagram images - to view his photos below, click on the image to view the next slide. Enjoy!


Mirko Ivancic:






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