Happy Holidays! by Katie Reahl

Hello Everyone! I thought I'd just show you a quick little edit I did for the Holidays:

 This little tutorial isn't very in depth, but I just wanted to show you guys my process and introduce you to one of my favorite Youtube accounts, Phlearn. They have tons of great tutorials and they always have what I need to know. 


On Sunday Morning, I convinced my sister to take a few photos of me - after a few trials and instructing her on how to operate the camera, I got a photo that I was happy with: 

My entire idea for this photo was to mix doodling with photography. So, I planned to draw antlers, a nose, and 'Merry Christmas' in the sides. So, when taking the photo, I made sure to leave space where the drawings might be. It is pretty clear that this wasn't taken in a studio - in fact, it was taken in my dining room underneath a light that I had to squat down to avoid getting in the shot. Nevertheless, it gave me a shot I can work with. 

The first thing I did, was remove any blemishes I had and removed redness from my face. For the redness removal, I watched a Phlearn tutorial: 

Next, I cleaned up my background and turned it a nicer blue color. I did this by selecting all of my background and painting with a blue brush. Then, I turned the opacity down so that I'd still retain some of the wall's texture but keep the blue color. For information on changing background, you can watch this video:

Next, I doodled on my image to create the horns, nose, and the small note. I just did this by creating a new layer, picking my color, and drawing away. For drawing ease, I highly recommend a tablet of some kind. It doesn't need to be anything outrageous, I just use Wacom's Bamboo tablet and it works just fine. 

Next, I did general facial retouching and added some contrast to the image. The final product: 

Instagramer of the Week 1 by Katie Reahl

Here on this little blog of mine, I'll be sharing my favorite Youtube Channels, Instagram accounts, Music, Photographers, Stores, etc with you that I think are pretty fantastic. I hope it inspires you or makes your day a little bit brighter; let's get into it. 

Mirko Ivancic

This week, I'll be telling you about Mirko Ivancic - more well known as @insepsis on Instagram. As a professional photographer, Ivancic claims his passion is in "Simplicity and design". And I could not have described his photography in any other way. His images make me want to pull my boots on, zip up my coat and the sun rises and exploreuntil the moon is the only light we have. If you'd like to look at more of his photos, his website is www.insepsis.com. Below, I have compiled a few of his Instagram images - to view his photos below, click on the image to view the next slide. Enjoy!


Mirko Ivancic:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/insepsis

Instagram: www.instagram.com/insepsis

Website: www.insepsis.com

Email: mirko@insepsis.com


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Instameet, 2014 by Katie Reahl

On November 2nd, I did one of the most amazing things I've done with photography so far. And that my friends, was attend an Instameet. For those of you who don't know, an Instameet is an event where photographer, models, and general Instagrammers meet in a given spot at a given time and hangout/take photos. I had been wanting to go to an event like this for awhile, but I had never had the time before. However, when I saw that some of my favorite photographers were hosting an Instameet in Portland, I flipped out. "There is nothing that is going to stop me from going to this event," went through my mind as I asked my parents if they could drive me to a sketchy part downtown to meet up with people I've never met from the internet. By some miracle, I convinced them to let me go and at 2:00 pm, I was standing in front of VooDoo Donuts with a camera in hand and butterflies in my stomach. When I arrived, there was a group of people standing in a circle, all with cameras around their necks; a dead giveaway that these are the people I need to be talking to. The weather was perfect except for the sky threatening for rain. While I was second guessing that I should go, this was one of the arguments I thought up as I walked towards the group. However this argument was rapidly brought down; I'm a Portlander - I can handle rain. When I approached everyone, we exchanged names and usernames (@katiebug_photography) and quickly grew comfortable around each other. After standing for a few minutes, the hosts of the Instameet came and I was pretty much dying inside because these people are good -- like really good. These hosts included : (Left to right) @photo_wzrd, @the.brink, @pnh_, @davis.hilton, @sun_whisper, @kykythebutterfly, & @teapalm.


All amazing photographers, all worth checking out. Anyways, we all traveled down to the waterfront near the Portland Saturday market, took a group shot, and were on our way. The hosts got us all started and began photographing immediately which definitely helped us all get in the photographing mood. I was snagged to model in a few here and there: Here is a shot of @davis.hilton photographing me, photograph him. 

After photographing in this section of the downtown, we all ventured along downtown. By chance, one of the people attending the Instameet (@demurela on instagram) knew of a helicopter landing pad nearby that is accessible to the public. So, none of us saw a point in not going to the super cool place that we probably would never get a chance to photograph again, so we all followed her there. On our way of corse we got stopped by a few cool buildings and alleys that were screaming to be photographed, but we arrived around sunset. After climbing 9 flights of stairs, we arrived at the top and discovered the phenomenal view. The sun was just beginning to set over Portland and we could see the bridge from where we were. There were building surrounding 3/4th of the building so the lighting was absolutely perfect because it was reflecting off all the glass. When we were finishing photographing, we all walked towards the food carts, got food, and I said my goodbyes and headed home. 

I can't get over how absolutely cool it is that people from all over, with no connections other than a common place they call home and a common passion, can meet up and have a spectacular evening. I loved meeting everyone and I can't wait for the next Instameet. If you'd like to see more photographs from the shoot, you can look at the hashtag #pdxinstameetup on instagram and see photographs from everyone that was there!

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Why Hello There... by Katie Reahl

This website has been several months in the making and I can't explain to you how psyched I am that your reading this. On the blog, you'll be seeing quite a lot of behind the scenes photographs, equipment and settings used to capture a photograph, and some new techniques. Perhaps I'll occasionally share some of my very deep and meaningful philosophy with you (the jokes). To keep things sweet and simple, I'll be teaching you what I've learned through both trial and error and photography knowledge. I can assure you this blog won't be very serious, so if your looking for professional tutorials, this isn't the place. But if your looking for a few tidbits of new information, this blog might just be your cup of tea. 

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